Innocence by I & I Hair

Innocence wants you to feel comfortable while being able to fully maximize your beauty and confidence so that you can always perform at your maximum capabilities. You can achieve your dreams if you truly believe in yourself.

Clean, Fresh & Sweat Resistant Braiding Hair

Our mission is to transform your painful traditional braiding experience by inventing EZ and comfortable braiding hair products – Braiding hair that everyday user can fall in love with by simplifying braiding process while fully maximizing their beauty.

Skin Irritation

Braiding can be very itch business due to the well known skin irritation. Skin irritation is caused by unhealthy synthetic material of traditional braiding hair products. Skin irritation is a rejection signal from your body. It is unhealthy and annoying at the same time. Despite this painful irritation, companies like Kanekalon are not able to provide a solution.

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Introducing I & I Hair Products

I & I Hair Products

Made with Spetra Fiber

World's First

Antibacterial &

Anti-fungal Hair Fiber


We are a responsible brand, making this world a better place one step at a time. A part of sales profit will be used to support the undernourished children in Africa.