Innocence I & I Hair products

For product development purposes, Innocence analyzes products that already exist on the market. The most significant issue that most braiders face is skin irritation caused by the material used to manufacture synthetic hair products.

For many years, Innocence I & I Hair and Spetra Fiber (the only anti-bacterial fiber manufacturer in the world) have been working together to create a perfect solution for drastically reducing the level of skin irritation that braiders experience. We have successfully developed an itch-free, 99.9% antibacterial fiber, from which a number of our products are manufactured.

No More Vinegar Soaking

Braiders often soak their synthetic hair products in a vinegar solution and then wash them before the braiding process to reduce the level of skin irritation caused by unhealthy synthetic materials.

Innocence I & I Hair products, you do not need to go through this annoying vinegar soaking process. They are made with itch-free, anti-bacterial fiber.

Long-Lasting Freshness

Because all of our products are made of 99.9% antibacterial fiber, bacterial growth is greatly reduced, keeping your hair cleaner for much longer and your scalp more comfortable compared to products made by other companies.

No Prepping Needed

Pre-Stretched EZ Braid

Innocence I & I Hair has been developed to take our “reduce-braiders’-pain-while-fully-maximizing-their-beauty-to-boost-confidence” mission even further. EZ Braid is a “pre-stretched” product—a concept that I & I Hair invented and introduced to the current synthetic hair market. Pre-stretching allows braiders to save time and focus on styling their hair instead of prepping.

Patented Technology

I & I Hair is the only brand that offers a U.S. patented solution to reduce the itch pain that braiders experience. All of our products are made of itch-free, 99.9% antibacterial Spetra fiber.